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Tiktok russian song lyrics in english

864 Tiktok music lyrics - TikTok has become the place to discover emerging and unsigned artists. 1729Musica oh nao -Dark russian song tik tok -song trends 2021 - Listen on Spotify: biggest viral hits from TikTok music, new songs added weekly!.

Whilst this particular song is a horrendous continuation of Russian-speaking rappers attempting to copy American rap music, the lyrics seem to contradict the artists' true intentions. Almaty born Kuat Kuralbayev, known commonly as Moreart , led a tough childhood with an abusive father that left the family early on. Betin am da (U) beri kara (U) Abekene salam salasyn ba (A) Teren ashuly bari (U-u) bari Barin koishy sen Tekpen ketken mefpen Agri ket sen men senі sigkom (Oi) Oiboy sen mynayktasyn goy shit (Shit) Endi mennen kulki ket Betine tamshi tamad kaz ket (Yes-da-da-da) I shoot loud like Cobain Money is so much to spend on another upgrade.


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However, Russian speakers on TikTok soon spread the word that the song was in fact called 'Miel Pops' and was a jingle to a Russian advert about cereal. The lyrics in English are: Miel Pops, bzz 🐝.

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